Friday, May 27, 2011

End of another school year

At the end of this school year, after the graduations, ceremonies and awards - my girls will be another "year" older. It's really weird to think about that!  Bella will be graduating into Kindergarten! AHH!!! Seriously - I'm FREAKING OUT! When did that happen?  Just the past few weeks we had her "transition" IEP meeting and honestly - I cried.  Not because they were "covering" things that I didn't know or they were criticizing things.  They weren't telling me that she was drowning or struggling or had concerns - it was actually the opposite.  They told me that Bella is a joy and smart and funny. They don't have alot of concerns for her and they all think she will do VERY well in kindergarten. They increased her "pull out" services to help her with her handwriting and some other very basic OT things - but other than that - she's great!  But my BABY is going into KINDERGARTEN!! OMG?!! I'm gonna need drugs for her "graduation".

And BEAR!! My heart - my baby! (And I know that sounds bad - but Bear has been a mama's girl since birth and she's MY baby!) She's graduating into 1st grade. I am having a hard time with this and I won't lie. It is breaking my heart to think of her growing up and moving on into 1st grade!  I don't want her to grow up! I want her to stay little and be safe and protected and everything. The older she gets the harder it's going to be for me to protect her and keep her safe. And yes - i know it's just 1st grade but still!!! At her yearly review meeting they kept pointing out how well she's doing and how compassionate she is. How she's reading above grade level and how much she loves her classmates and takes alot of pride in her art projects. They're going to have a little "cap and gown" graduation ceremony and really - they're getting little diploma's!! I'm really, truly going to cry my eyes out when she has her graduation!

My biggest baby - Roo is going into 3rd (THIRD) grade!! AGGHH!! (insert frantically panicky mother here!)  I won't even get into her transition meeting because it was horribly uncoordinated and too long - but needless to say her 3rd grade year is going to be stressful for this mama and daddy. With E.O.G. tests (if they don't pass their end of grade asssesments - they don't move onto the next year) and faster paced classes - it's going to be interesting.  BUT - for this year - my girl did so great! She's getting an award for her A.R. accomplishments (accelerated reader) and having a breakfast with the school folks (and parents) to recognize her overall accomplishments. I'm one proud mama!  I'm not sure if her class is having a graduation yet or not - but she's on her end of year field trip to the Aquarium today. Here's hoping that she's having alot of fun and enjoying her day!

So I'll post some pictures after all this is done and said. I'm so proud of my girls and excited for them to have a summer vacation. This mama is excited to not have to iron uniforms and rush out the doors with them every morning!

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